Matt’s Hot Chocolate

Simply the best hot cocoa.
Sounds simple but the details matter. Or not.
Recipe is for two mugs.

Ingredients List

Whole milk. 14 oz
Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Hot Cocoa 4 TBs
Kahlua 1 oz each cup
Whipped cream You will know


1 Add milk to cooking pan on low heat.
I use small gas burner on about half heat. YMMV
2 Add cocoa powder to milk.
3 While milk is heating, pre-heat two mugs by letting them sit full of hot tap water.
4 Heat chocolate milk mixture slowly to 190F, 200F if you are brave.
Do not scald or boil!
Use a fast acting digital thermometer if you aren't already a pro at this.
5 With about a minute left on heating the milk (~170F), empty water from mugs and pour Kahlua in each, enough to cover the bottom, or to taste.
6 It's ~195F hot!
Pour hot chocolate into mugs, hopefully without spilling too much.
7 Add whip cream to top of each mug.
Garnish with a bit of cocoa powder.
8 Mmmmm....

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